Dianne Welsh

I am pleased to report our first TIM Mid-Year Meeting held January 9-10 was a success! We had 16 attend in person and 4 attend remotely for a total of 20 members participating. This included the following Executive Board members: Riitta Katila (Past Chair), myself, Keld Laursen (Program Chair), Aija Leiponen (PDW Chair), BJ Zirger (Secretary/Treasurer and Webmaster), Darlene Alexander-Houle (Listserv Manager and Mid-Year Conference Paper Chair), Suchitra Veera (Newsletter Editor), Oliver Alexy (Rep-at Large), Giada Di Stefano (Rep-at-Large), J.P. Eggers (Rep-at-Large), Maryann Feldman (Rep-at-Large), Lars Frederiksen (Rep-at-Large), Amit Jain (Rep-at-Large), Henry Sauermann (Rep-at-Large), and Jennifer Woolley (Rep-at-Large). Membership Task Force Members attending included: Andre Slowak (Chair), Jon Beard, Shawn Carraher (also Past Division Chair), Karen Nicholas (ad hoc Assistant Secretary), and Philipp Tuertscher.

The Executive Board approved a $5,000 budget for the Mid-Year meeting. Through careful cost management and support from our sponsors, costs were held to $1,872. The Division thanks those universities who supported the travel of their TIM representatives, individuals who covered their own accommodation and travel expenses, and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro which provided the facilities, teleconferencing, dinner, and other financial assistance.

During the two day program, we divided our time equally between the upcoming annual conference, current initiatives, and strategic planning. Each day ended with specific tasks (18 in all) to be completed by attendees before the next annual meeting. Some of these initiatives have been completed, including securing funding for some of our events and a new PDW speed dating topics event (thanks Aija)! The new initiatives include the following:

  • Seek external funding for annual meeting events and activities
  • Create reviewer’s guidelines
  • Create a list of past award winners and persistent reviewers to use for reviewers, consortium, etc.
  • Create funding opportunities menu for universities (multi-year sponsor commitment )
  • Introduce the “Faces of TIM “ and a teaching materials section on the website
  • Update domain statement


A week after the meeting attendees were surveyed to assess their satisfaction with the meeting logistics, agenda and overall work accomplished. The majority of attendees responded (11 of 20) and noted high satisfaction with the time and resources spent toward this Division activity.   Survey details are shown in Appendix 1. Based on the results of the survey, the recommendation of the attendees is that our division should continue to have an annual mid-year meeting. The TIM Executive committee will discuss if the mid-year meeting should be continued and if so on what frequency. I want to thank everyone that participated and gave up their weekend and provided their valued input to make TIM a better division.

Appendix 1:

We sent out a survey for feedback from those that attended either in person or remotely. Here are the results with 11 responding. We included an option on each question that the person joined remotely, not for the entire meeting.

On a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being none and 5 being significant:

Question Average Comments:
Q1: As a result of the mid-year meeting do you have a better / understanding of TIM? 4.67 I think every other year would suffice. Otherwise I worry about too much change for change’s sake
Q2: Did the mid-year meeting generate good information for your role in / TIM? 4 Coordinating mid-year meeting logistics while at AOM annual meeting could enlist more input; time well-spent.
Q3: Was your input valued and welcomed? 4.41 We should use the Academy meeting to think about (1) what topics we would discuss at a mid-year meeting, (2) how many day (maybe even 3), and (3) whether we would open it up (there could still be 1 day for us, only)
Q4: Were outcomes assigned as actions? 4.18 I thought the meeting was very productive, and although there were some difficult moments, we worked through some differences among the participants. It was very helpful for the group to get to know TIM and each other. However, I would keep it on the smaller side (EC + standing committees) for next year, too, as we only got started on the strategy discussions and a smaller group helps to create the right trusting atmosphere.
Q5: Did the hotel nurture and encourage you to relax and exchanges /during group meals energize you for the full days of discourse? 4.4 TIM should have another mid-year meeting. Dianne did an excellent job. TIM should seek to grow.
Q6: Do you think TIM should have a mid-year meeting annually? 10 yes,

1 no

Note: 1 person did not complete the survey except Q4-Q6