Welcome to a new and exciting year for the Technology & Innovation Management Division! We are a friendly, interactive and growing division, 30 years strong that is composed of close to 3,000 members. The size makes us one of the larger divisions within the Academy of Management. However, despite our size, the division is characterized by a strong sense of community and dedication. We continue to be a highly international division: 58% are international and 42% are U.S.-based members. Our division’s members come from a range of different backgrounds, including 69% academic members, 24% student members, 6% executive members, and 1% emeritus members.

We believe that the division presented an intellectually stimulating and to a high degree also fun program this year in Anaheim. The liveliness of the TIM Division was certainly present in many packed sessions throughout the program. Thanks to everyone for making it happen! Thanks also to our sponsors, the Kauffman Foundation, Wiley, and ETH Zurich for their financial support. Congratulations to Professor Giovanni Dosi, our TIM Wiley Distinguished Scholar, who asked big and fundamental questions about the meaning and emergence of institutions and hierarchies in his thought-provoking presentation. In case you missed it, there is a link to a video on the TIM homepage (www.aomtim.org).

Congratulations also to our rising scholars: Ram Ranganathan (University of Texas at Austin), the winner of our TIM Emerging Scholar award, and Daniel Armonios (Carnegie Mellon University), the winner of the TIM Best Dissertation Award. Please read about all of our award winners later in this newsletter. To stay informed of TIM-oriented activities throughout the year, we encourage you to join the TIM listserve. It is a service that is widely used by our members. Just go to www.aomonline.org and under the “Networking and Communities” tab choose “listserves.” Scroll down and you’ll see the TIM Division listserve and links to subscribe as well as to post. As a member of the community, we also encourage you to share relevant information about conferences, journal special issues, job-opportunities, or important topics by posting on the listserve. We are also looking for people to contribute ideas and content for the website, so if you’d like to get more involved, contact our webmaster, Llewellyn Thomas (llewellyn.thomas@imperial.ac.uk).

We look forward to seeing you in Atlanta next year. The meetings will be held from August 4-8, 2017, and the call for papers will be coming out soon. The theme for next year, At the Interface, has unlimited possibilities as a topic for TIM scholars. Please think about ways in which you can contribute and link not only to the All Academy theme, but also to the main research areas of TIM. On behalf of the Executive Committee of the TIM Division, thank you all for your support of TIM. I look forward to serving as your Division Chair this coming year.

Keld Laursen

TIM Division Chair