TIM is all about meeting interesting people and exchanging ideas, but sometimes we need a little help getting to know the right people. Would you be able to help TIM with two newer structures designed to enhance the Academy of Management conference experience for TIM members: TIM Hangouts and First-Time Attendee Hospitality Suite?

TIM Hangouts are informal social events organized by members and friends of TIM. Hangouts take place outside of the formal conference program and are directly coordinated by TIM. They might involve a morning yoga, happy hour at a bar, dinner, visit to a museum or a park, or a bike ride around town with a small group of fellow TIMmers. Your imagination is the limit!

First-Time Attendee Hospitality Suite will welcome all new members throughout the conference (Friday-Monday 8am-5pm and Tuesday 8am-3pm). It will be located in the Hyatt Regency Columbus Hall, Room G (across from the Exhibit Hall). We are seeking experienced (=not first-year) TIM members to meet new AOM members interested in our division and to answer their questions.

Connect! If you are interested in organizing a TIM Hangout or available to volunteer one hour to help out first-time attendees during the hospitality suite, please contact TIM PDW chair assistant Philipp Tuertscher: philipp.tuertscher@vu.nl

We look forward to seeing you soon in Chicago!
Aija Leiponen and Philipp Tuertscher
TIM division chair and PDW chair assistant