As part of our profiles of TIM people, let us introduce Marcel Bogers, of University of Copenhagen, which is in, there is no surprise here, Copenhagen, Denmark. Marcel, so…

What are your research interests right now?

The main topic that I am interested in is open innovation, which I try to approach from a number of angles and perspectives. For example, I find it important that we try to address open innovation from various units of analysis, ranging from individuals to business models to ecosystems, in order to get a more comprehensive picture of the conditions under which open innovation works and doesn’t work. At the same time, studying open innovation in a number of contexts, such as in food or pharma or in large and small firms, can also be very insightful to learn about the contingencies. Finally, I think it is interesting to consider openness across a number of dimensions, such as in the context of university-industry relations or across disciplines, also because I believe that is important to better address some of the more complex challenges we face in research and practice.

What do you think is your most exciting contribution to academia?

It is difficult to say what I think is my most exciting contribution to academia because I believe it may be more appropriate for others to judge this. That said, what I really appreciate is not even any single contribution but rather the bigger picture that I try to put forward through, for example, my publications, my contribution to the TIM division, my role as Academic Program Chair of the World Open Innovation Conference, and the supervision of PhD students and other mentoring activities. In the end, I am very excited about facilitating others to also do good work and make a contribution to our field.

Tell us something personal about yourself

One thing I could say about myself is that I am a fan of soccer, or what we call football in most parts of the world, and that I am a trainer in the team in which one of my children is playing — in fact, I am even a licensed soccer trainer. Even though it is sometimes hard to combine with my work, it is really great to be working with my fellow trainers to make sure the children have a good time and develop their skills along the way.

Thanks Marcel!

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