Welcome to a new and exciting year for the Technology & Innovation Management Division! I hope you enjoyed the fantastic program the Division offered in Chicago, a great location for a great event!! Many thanks to all of you for sharing your excitement, your ideas and your projects. We are proud of gathering more than 3,000 members who share a passion for technology and change. Our members come from all over the world. Most of our members are academics but we also have students and executives in our ranks.

In Chicago, we had the pleasure of honoring Maryann Feldman as the recipient of the 2018 TIM Wiley Distinguished Scholar. Maryann shared her experiences with more than 200 participants in a passionate speech, followed by discussion with the audience; all of which you can access on the TIM website. The TIM Social was a great opportunity to catch up with colleagues, old friends and welcome new members.

Another important highlight is the TIM Plenary discussion on ‘The management impact of artificial intelligence’: Christian Catalini (MIT Sloan School of Management), Joshua Gans (U. of Toronto), Annabelle Gawer (U. of Surrey) and Rob Seamans (NYU Stern) shared their experiences and ideas about how AI is going to impact management practices, and how we do research about it. Thanks to Corey Phelps, the Division Program Chair, for organizing this event.

Of course, what really made our annual meeting a great success was your hard work: there were hundreds of presenters, discussants, chairs, reviewers, and participants in our pre- and main conference events. The pre-conference events included Doctoral and Junior Faculty Consortia, as well as a number of Professional Development Workshops that focused on innovative research and methodological issues. The main program was organized in TIM Paper Sessions, Discussions sessions and TIM Conversations to foster exchange, discussion and collective enrichment.

It is you, our members, who really make this division an exciting place to be: a community of engaged and engaging scholars that propose and evaluate new ideas and form longstanding relationships of scholarly communication and collaboration. We are lucky to be one of the largest and fastest-growing divisions within the Academy of Management. The number of members and their submissions is linked to the number of conference sessions the AOM makes available to us. Also, the scale is important to provide services such as consortia and social events that are essential for a fun and engaging conference experience. Our scientific and social program was made possible by the support of the AOM as well as an increasing range of external sponsors, without whose support we could not have made it.

Wiley sponsored the Distinguished Scholar Luncheon. We are grateful for the support of the Kauffman Foundation and Copenhagen Business School that sponsored our consortia and awards targeted for younger scholars. The Mack Institute for Innovation Management generously supported the TIM Social event. The Lazaridis Institute supported our Monday TIM breakfast, while the University of Bath sponsored our Sunday morning breakfast event dedicated to our new members. ETH Zurich also supported the Distinguished Scholar event. We are very grateful to Elena Novelli, for her continuing service as Treasurer of the division.

I would like to extend heartfelt congratulations to our rising stars who were recognized at our business meeting: Brad Greenwood (Carlson School of Management, U. of Minnesota), the winner of the 2018 TIM Emerging Scholar award; Dongil Daniel Keum (Columbia University), the winner of the 2018 TIM Best Dissertation Award; Sourobh Ghosh (Harvard Business School), the winner of the 2018 TIM Best Student Paper award.

A warm ‘thank you!’ to Keld Laursen (Copenhagen Business School). His 5-year term as Division Leader is now over. His energy, passion and ideas have made the TIM Division an even greater and better place to be. Many thanks!!
Also, a million thanks to the Outgoing Rep at Large, who have helped with great generosity over the past two years: Marcel Bogers, Emily Cox-Pahnke, Matt Marx,, Anne Ter Wal,, Philipp Tuertscher. And welcome to the incoming team: Stefan Haefliger, Mahka Moeen, Valentina Tartari, Keyvan Vakili, Giovanni Valentini. I wish also to thank Suchitra Veera (U. of Reading) for taking care of our Newsletter. This is the last issue that she coordinates. Many thanks from all of us!

Please read about the main events and all of our award winners later in this newsletter. To stay informed of TIM-oriented activities throughout the year, we encourage you to visit our website (www.tim.aom.org), and join the TIM listserve. It is a service that is widely used by our members. Just go to www.aomonline.org and under the “Networking and Communities” tab choose “listserves.” Scroll down, and you’ll see the TIM Division listserve and links to subscribe as well as to post. As a member of the community, we encourage you to share relevant information about conferences, journal special issues, job opportunities, or important TIM topics by posting on the listserve. We are also looking for people to contribute ideas and content for the website, so if you’d like to get more involved, contact our fantastic webmaster, Llewellyn Thomas (lthomas@salleurl.edu).

We look forward to seeing you in Boston next year. The meetings will be held from August 9-13, 2019, and the call for papers will be coming out soon. The theme for next year “Understanding the Inclusive Organization”, opens interesting possibilities for TIM scholars to think about the roles of technology and innovation in enabling better ways of organizing work and human life. Please consider how you could contribute and connect the All Academy theme with the main research areas of TIM.

On behalf of the Executive Committee of the TIM Division, thank you for your support of TIM. I look forward to serving as your Division Chair this year.