As part of our ongoing profiles of TIM people, let us introduce Suchitra Veera. Suchitra has been the indefatiguable TIM Newsletter Editor for the past few years, and is currently transitioning out as she completes her doctoral studies. She’s based at the Henley Business School, University of Reading in the UK. Suchitra, so…

What are your research interests right now?

My research interests include business and innovation ecosystems, digital business models, platforms, business analytics, lean and agile projects, strategy planning and information technology projects implementation. By virtue of my dual career background in teaching as well as working in the area of information technology projects implementation, I focus on two main research areas. One area involves macro level research looking at industry level phenomena such as the relationship between web 2.0 business models and multisided platforms.  At the organizational level, the research involves looking at strategy implementation for organizations operating in complex and technologically intensive environments. This requires being adaptive and innovative on a continual basis by utilizing many tools available to organizations. Researching these two areas also provided me the opportunity to find linkages between theory and practice.

What do you think is your most exciting contribution to academia?

I have been a doctoral student for the past five years while working as a practitioner implementing information technology projects, as well as an adjunct faculty. These experiences provided me with many opportunities to find linkages between theory and practice – both in my research and in teaching. With a significant amount of experience in the information technology industry and in teaching business strategy and project implementation, my contributions until now have been in the area of management education and training. I worked for many years as a volunteer developing and delivering training content for multiple competencies in a Fortune 100 corporation, and as the Education Director of the local chapters of the Project Management Institute. In doing this, I had the opportunity to teach information technology processes and project management principles to professionals. As my research involves looking at digital business models and platforms, early on in my doctoral program, I organized a PDW on the role of apps for smartphone and tablets for the AOM conference in 2013, when the smartphone industry revolution was taking off. This provided the impetus for me to continue my research in the area of smartphone platforms and apps and to explore and understand how the latter impact the entire ecosystem. Similarly, by virtue of working on implementing projects in technology and innovation-intensive industries, I began research on enabling organizations to be adaptive to rapid change by taking advantage of tools available at their disposal.

Tell us something personal about yourself.

I like to apply my research methodology skills in coaching my children in their school work including science fair projects and robotics. Similarly, I utilize my project management skills in helping them to organize their work and complete project-based assignments. By explaining the principles of business to them, I try to develop an entrepreneurial spirit in them, to use their creativity and skills to be innovative at an early age.

Thanks Suchitra! And thanks for all your help on the TIM Newsletter!

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