As a part of the AOM’s ongoing efforts to enhance technology and communication resources for AOM members, our TIM Listserv will be moving from the current listserv platform to a new and improved online community platform, Connect@AOM. This change will help the TIM Division to streamline communications to members, enable more dynamic member collaboration and interaction, and allow for the creation of a new resource library and central calendar of events for the division. To learn more about the features of Connect@AOM:

On April 22, 2019 the archives and existing discussions from this list will be migrated to the new community platform in a seamless transition. Once the migration is complete, this list will be closed.

If you are a current TIM member, you will be included automatically in the new community.

If you are not a current TIM member, you are invited to continue participating in the TIM Community Discussion after it migrates to Connect@AOM. Instructions for how to join the community will be included in future communications to this listserv once the new community page is “live.” To ensure immediate access to the new community, please consider joining the Academy of Management, and select TIM as one of your divisions.  If you are not a member of AOM, you can learn more about the benefits here:

Please be on the lookout for an email in about two weeks when the new community is live. In the meantime, please email with questions.