As part of our profiles of TIM people, let us introduce Valentina Tartari of Copenhagen Business School, in Denmark. Valentina, so…

What are your research interests right now?

I am interested in what I would broadly call “scientific knowledge creation”. I use the university context to inform strategy research about how individual-level mechanisms can affect not only the performance of those individuals, but also of organizations. One area I am increasingly interested in is scientists’ mobility, both between organizations but also between different countries. This allows us not only to better understand theoretically the interplay between individual and organizational mechanisms in the production of scientific knowledge, but also to participate in policy-relevant debates about circulation of skilled human capital across borders.

What do you think is your most exciting contribution to academia?

Exciting may be a bit subjective, but what I strive to do in my work is to show how we can productively use the university context to explore questions which are broader in scope, and may contribute to theory in innovation and strategy. Universities are large organizations, which, despite operating mostly in a not-for-profit logic, need to strategically maximize their utility function under budget constraints. They need to be strategic about their resources and their human capital, and they compete in national and international markets for resources, staff and students. I see many aspects of universities that make them ideal to answer big theoretical questions we have in our field, and I hope my work can contribute to show their value as an empirical context.   

Tell us something personal about yourself.

As a busy academic and a mum, I have unfortunately not much time for developing my hobbies. When I can, I find baking and confectionery very relaxing and at the same time rewarding, as they require extreme precision and manual ability, and you get a result you can enjoy relatively quickly (as opposed to the years we spend with R&Rs!). I also love to scuba dive: I trained during my PhD, diving in the cold waters of the English Channel!

Thanks Valentina!

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