AOM 2024 TIM Call for Paper and Symposium Submissions

The Technology and Innovation Management (TIM) Division of the Academy of Management is pleased to invite submissions for the 2024 TIM Best Dissertation Award. We welcome dissertations from different disciplinary perspectives including management as well as economics, technology studies, sociology, etc. We are also happy to consider a broad range of methodologies. We encourage the applications of underrepresented groups. Finalists will be invited to present their work at a dedicated session during the conference. The winner will be announced during the TIM Meeting. Abstract Submission Deadline: February 23, 2024 (Closed)

AMJ – Paper Development Workshop

Thanks to all early career researchers from around the globe for joining our virtual PDW, co-organized by the AOM TIM Division & Academy of Management Journal (AMJ)! A big shout-out to all senior faculty mentors from the AMJ Editorial Board and the TIM Research Committee for sharing their insightful and experienced feedback! Want to learn about future events? Join the AOM TIM Division and our Featured Sessions at the upcoming Academy of Management Meeting in Chicago (9-13 August) and follow us on social media! More information.

Academy of Management 2023

2023 TIM Division Plenary

Watch the 2023 TIM Division's Plenary on The Reasons Behind the Recent Decline in High-Impact Discoveries. The session was moderated by Myriam Mariani (Bocconi University). Our panelists included Daron Acemoglu (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Ashish Arora (Duke University), and Maryann Feldman (Arizona State University). See the recording. Link to the presentation slides.

2023 TIM Division Best Dissertation Award

View the award-winning presentations from the TIM Division's 2023 Best Dissertation Award ceremony: Jung Kwon (The University of Denver), Ying Li (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid), Manav Raj (University of Pennsylvania), Jungkyu Suh (New York University), Audra Wormald (University of North Carolina). See the recording.

We are grateful to our sponsors for making this happen.

Sponsors 2023


2023 TIM Distinguished Scholar

The TIM Division was proud to present the 2023 TIM Distinguished Scholar, Professor Alfonso Gambardella, Bocconi University. Thank you for your wonderful and encouraging speech! See the recording.

2023 TIM Emerging Scholar

This session highlighted the work of the 2023 TIM Emerging Scholar Award winner, Assistant Professor Colleen Cunningham, University of Utah. Congratulations to this achievement! See the recording.

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Announcements List

  • Entrepreneurship Division Proposed Ballot

    (posted on behalf of @April Franco, Past Division Chair) 

    As you may be aware, this year, we are posting the proposed ballot to give the membership time to add candidates. This year, the nomination committee has been working quite hard to find excellent candidates, and are pleased to be able to present a strong ballot. The ENT Division leadership is giving the membership another opportunity to add a candidate to the ballot. Members will have 14 days to review the ballot and suggest any additions. 

    Just to provide some background on the process, all the candidates on the ballot have been provided with documents that describe the expectations for the nominated role.  Each nominee was asked to confirm that they are willing to take on the responsibilities of the role.  For instance, all roles include an expectation that the individual to attend the Mid-winter Meetings and the Annual meetings since these are when the Executive Committee meets to review, and organize, as well as strategize for the future.  In addition, all candidates are expected to be aware of, uphold and promote the AOM Code of Ethics (https://aom.org/about-aom/ethics/code-of-ethics), and adhere to its enforced ethical standards and the importance of promoting and supporting it in the elected position.  As you may note, none of the candidates are Ph.D. students or candidates, and only more established faculty members are candidates for either the PDW Chair or the Treasurer position. This is because these roles can be quite demanding.  Those who were nominated but not included on the ballot were given the opportunity to support the Division in other ways.  

    In order to add a candidate to the proposed list, it must be supported by at least 1% of the membership, which is currently 35 members in good standing (i.e. are up-to-date in membership fees and have selected ENT as one of the divisions). Since we would like to run the elections in as close to the usual timeline as possible, we ask that the proposed candidate be one of the 35 members who supports adding their name to the ballot, and provides the committee with a 150 word bio and a photo (JPG format). 

    The process to add a candidate is relatively easy. Just go to https://forms.gle/Rq11CtcQMrv8jNXK7 and fill out the form. Remember that you need at least 34 other ENT members to support this addition and one of the supporters must be the candidate themselves. The survey will be available until the end of the day on Tuesday, April 16, 2024.

    Proposed ENT Division 2024 Ballot:

    There are four positions on the ballot this year, PDW Chair (5 year term), Treasurer (3 year term), and two Representatives at Large (3 year term).

    Please note that the order of the names may change as the committee will randomize the order once the ballot is FINALIZED.

    PDW Chair:

    Sofia Johan (Associate Professor, Florida Atlantic University)

    Trent Williams (Associate Professor, BYU-Marriott School of Business)


    Markus Fitza (Associate Professor, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management)

    Peter Gianiodis (Professor, Duquesne University)

    Sharon Simmons (Associate Professor, Jackson State University)

    Representative at Large:

    Position 1: (Associate or Full Professors)

    Matt Allen (Professor, Manchester Metropolitan University)

    Tom Allison (Associate Professor, TCU Neeley School of Business)

    Felix Arndt (Professor, University of Guelph Lang School of Business and Economics)

    Punit Arora (Associate Professor, City University of New York)

    Naga Lakshmi Damaraju (Associate Professor, Sonoma State University)

    Indu Khurana (Associate Professor, Hampden-Sydney College)

    Position 2: (Assistant Professors)

    Jeff Gish (Assistant Professor, University of Central Florida)

    Christian Keen (Assistant Professor, Université Laval)

    Mike Lerman (Assistant Professor, Iowa State University Ivy College of Business)

    Tim Michaelis (Assistant Professor, Northern Illinois University College of Business)

    Audra Quinn (Assistant Professor, University of Southern California Marshall School of Business)

  • STR Events in April

    In April, STR has a new set of exciting virtual events lined up for you: On April 16 at 3pm London time, Richard Whittington (Oxford U) is hosting another event in our series of “STR: Impact and Relevance.” The panel will address “how strategy research can engage with state actors.” The panelists are Anna Grossman (Loughborough U, London), Aline Gatignon (Wharton), Pasha Mahmood (NUS), Mike Peng (UT Dallas), and Anthea Zhang (Rice). You can register for this event here: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZclceyurDopGt2gCtM3ipyyTwxgmTyG3nX4

    On April 24 at 10AM Eastern Time, Philipp Meyer-Doyle (INSEAD) will host a symposium on Corporate Strategy. Four scholars will present their work: Colleen Cunningham (Utah), Mark DesJardine (Dartmouth), Catherine Magelssen (LBS), and Lisa Tang (NUS). Distinguished scholars Emilie Feldman (Wharton) and Constance Helfat (Dartmouth) will provide comments on the work. Register in advance for this meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZIpf-CqpjIqH9Vy8JPOR1zf78lluQcGRKfS

    Finally, the teaching committee are organizing an event on April 26 at 11AM Eastern on the interaction between teaching and research. The event is hosted by Jenny Kuan (Cal State Monterey) and Nathan Furr (INSEAD). At this event you will hear examples of how teaching sparked a research idea or how research is used in teaching from Rahul Kapoor (Wharton), Olga Hawn (UNC-Chapel Hill), and Jeffrey York (Colorado). Register at: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87663700840?pwd=NHhwL1ZiVjgrZjREcExQM0VUZmJCUT09

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