Division Chair
Sonali Shah

Leads division meetings throughout the year (e.g., Winter planning meeting). Serves as liaison to the Academy. Ensures that responsibilities (and related accountability) are clear and that critical tasks are accomplished effectively.

Division Chair-Elect 
Elena Novelli

Serves in the absence of the Chair and assists the Chair as necessary. Secures a Distinguished Scholar to present at the Annual program. Leads the Executive Committee and Business Meetings at the annual Academy Conference.

Division Program Chair
Susan K. Cohen

Responsible for planning and supervising the Division’s program at the annual national meeting of the Academy of Management subject to the guidelines established by the National Program Chair of the Academy of Management, as well as those of the Executive Committee of the Division.

Division Program Chair Elect & PDW Program Chair
Valentina Tartari

Assists Program Chair in planning the Division’s Program at the Academy. Chairs the PDW program at the annual meeting. Manages selection of the research committee as well as planning research development workshops outside annual AOM meeting.

Jr. Faculty Consortium Co-Chairs 
Maria Roche, Daniel Armanios

Organizes program, recruits participants and runs the Jr. Faculty consortium at the annual AOM meeting.

Doctoral Consortium Co-Chairs
Hyunjin Kim, Nilanjana Dutt

Organizes program, recruits participants and runs the doctoral consortium at the annual AOM meeting.

Aldona Kapacinskaite, Denisa Mindruta

Solicits entries into the best dissertation competition, organizes a panel of judges and selects the best dissertation for the division which is announced at the annual meeting.  This team also manages the selection of the Best Paper and Best Student Paper awards for the Division.

Research Committee
Daniel Armanios, George Chondrakis, David Clough, Linus Dahlander, Florence Honoré, Aldona Kapacinskaite, Hyunjin Kim, Lauren Lanahan, Astrid Marinoni, Joost Rietveld, Michael Roach, Henry Sauermann, Dmitry Sharapov, Florenta Teodoridis

Manages research committee activities and assists PDW Chair.

Past Division Chair
Maryann Feldman

Conducts and certifies the annual election. Works with AOM using an on-line system to create a nomination slate and hold election processes such that all division members have an opportunity to participate in both the nomination and election processes. Chair of the Election Nominating Committee and serves as counsellor to the Chair.

Paul Hünermund

Keeps a record of the Division’s annual business meeting, all Executive Committee meetings, all amendments to the Constitution, and shall carry out such other duties as specified by the Chair.

Llewellyn Thomas

Develops Master TIM budget to facilitate strategy planning and communicates TIM budget priorities through web and newsletters. Coordinates expense reimbursements.

Special Assignments

Division Web Coordinator
Jermain Kaminski

Increases the transparency of TIM Division operations through the web, refines on-line systems and represents the Division on technology related issues.

Division Social Media Coordinators
Min Jung Kim, Ahmadreza Mostajabi

Promotes the TIM Division operations through social media activities.

Connect@AOM Coordinator
Paul Hünermund

Transmits time sensitive information about Division activities, TIM related topics, programs and issues to the Connect@AOM participants.

Newsletter Editor
Sonali V Sharp

Extends interface between newsletter and web and continually improves division communications.


As TIM executives move on to new division and AOM roles, they deserve many thanks. Special recognition at the Academy, in the Newsletter and personally is vital to provide that thanks, and encourage others to play executive roles.

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