The Technology & Innovation Management Division (TIM) of the AoM is a vibrant scholarly community that celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2017. Our 3000 members come from more than 1000 different institutions around the world. We continue to be a highly international community: 58 percent of our members are based in Europe and Asia, and 42 percent are based in the U.S. Our division’s members come from different backgrounds, including 69% academic members, 24% student members, 6% executive members, and a few emeritus members.

The size makes us one of the larger divisions within the Academy of Management. However, despite our size, the division is characterized by a strong sense of community and dedication.  At the annual Academy of Management Conference, the division organizes a host of activities that include more than 100 individual academic sessions, plenary talks, consortia for young scholars, and social events. We also hand out awards for academic achievements. We particularly focus professional development for young scholars.

We have many opportunities for organizations to sponsor our activities at the Conference. Click here to find out about the sponsorship opportunities we have available!