Newsletter December 2022

TIM Division Chair Welcome

Maryann Feldman
Maryann Feldman, TIM Division Chair

Greetings TIM Scholars. I hope that this note finds you well and enjoying the academic year.

The 2022 Annual Meeting in Seattle was a success. In this newsletter you can find more details from your TIM team.

Looking forward, the 2023 Meeting will be in Boston, 4-8 August. The theme is Putting the Worker Front and Center. The submission center will open in early December and the deadline is 10 January 2023. More details will be forthcoming. I encourage you to start preparing.

One strategy to consider is to organize a panel with your colleagues to create a cohesive conversation. You can include 4 papers and specify two discussants. If you have a topic that would require additional a longer format, consider submitting a professional development workshop (PDW). More information is available here.

Please sign up to help us review annual meeting submissions. We depend on our members to provide constructive and unbiased comments and to help build our community of scholars.

2022 26th Distinguished Scholar Keynote

Mary Tripsas
Mary Tripsas, TIM Distinguished Scholar

Mary Tripsas, Professor of Technology Management in the College of Engineering at UC Santa Barbara, has made significant scholarly contributions to the study of technological innovation. She studies how organizations can best adapt to new technologies that disrupt industries and ecosystems, with an emphasis on how the interplay of organizational capabilities, organizational identity, and managerial mental models shape strategic responses to technological shifts. She has studied the evolution of technology and competition in a diverse range of both established and nascent industries including photography/digital imaging, typesetters, air taxis, music synthesizers and publishing.

Her influential work on the transformation of industries by new technology has been published in top tier journals including Administrative Science Quarterly Academy of Management Journal, Organization Science, Research Policy, Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal and Strategic Management Journal. Professor Tripsas has published a number of outstanding Harvard Business School teaching cases based on her research, with over 150,000 copies of her cases sold to students at academic institutions around the world.

Tripsas has served as a Senior Editor at Organization Science and is currently on the editorial boards of the Strategic Management Journal and the Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal. She has also served on the Board of Directors of the INFORMS Organization Science Division and the Consortium of Cooperation and Competitiveness and was Division Chair of the Academy of Management’s Technology and Innovation Management division. She is currently on the Executive Committee of the Industry Studies Association.

Before entering academia, Tripsas was a strategy consultant in the Cambridge and Milan offices of the Monitor Group and worked for IBM as both a software engineer and member of the sales force. She also served on the board of directors of Lexar Media (NASDAQ: LEXR) from 2003 to 2006, when the company was acquired by Micron. She earned her Ph.D. from the MIT Sloan School of Management, her MBA from the Harvard Business School, her B.S. in Computer Science and Accountancy from the University of Illinois at Urbana and was certified as a CPA in the State of Illinois.

Professor Tripsas gave an inspiring talk that wove her personal experiences with her intellectual journal and provided sound career advice that is useful for all of us. The talk is available on our TIM YouTube channel.

If you would like to nominate a scholar for the distinguished scholar award, please send your nomination letter to Maryann Feldman.

2022 TIM Best Reviewers & Program Acknowledgements

Sonali Shah
Sonali Shah
TIM Division Chair-elect

Euhee Sohn
Eunhee Sohn
TIM Division Rep at Large

Thomas Klueter

Thomas Klueter
TIM Division Rep at Large

TIM Business Meeting Report

Paul Hünermund
Paul Hünermund, TIM Division Secretary

The creation of a high-quality and exciting program requires the efforts of many thoughtful and dedicated scholars.

This year over 868 volunteer reviewers provided reviews for the 620 papers and symposia submitted to our division. As a division, our goal is to provide 2 to 3 constructive and thoughtful reviews per submission. We owe our reviewers a big thank you for the large task they collectively conquered: thank you to all who reviewed!

We’d like to acknowledge the work of our Outstanding Reviewers. These reviewers received consistent praise for their constructive and developmental feedback from the authors whose work they reviewed. The TIM Division appreciates the efforts of these exceptional scholars.

2022 TIM Division Outstanding Reviewers

  • Benedikt Alexander Schuler, U. of St. Gallen
  • Amitabh Anand, Excelia Business School, CERIIM
  • Kaushik Bagchi, ESADE Business School / Ramon Llull U.
  • Corinna Bertling, LMU Munich School of Management
  • Andrew Boysen, U. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Michael Quinn Christensen, Harvard Business School
  • Edona Elshan, U. of St Gallen
  • Jennie Fahlström, Stockholm School of Economics
  • Viktor Fredrich, U. of Bayreuth
  • Stijn Kelchtermans, KU Leuven
  • Stephanie Kelley, Queen's School of Business, Canada
  • Mei Yun Lai, U. of Bremen
  • Sven M. Laudien, Media Akademie Hochschule Stuttgart
  • Steve Lockey, U. of Queensland
  • Mikhail Lysyakov, U. of Rochester
  • Tim Meyer, LMU Munich School of Management
  • Ferdinand Mittermeier, Otto-Friedrich U. Bamberg
  • Lorenzo Palladini, U. of Luxembourg
  • James Fernando Rodriguez, UC Irvine
  • Matthias Troebinger, ESSEC Business School
  • Aku Valtakoski, Linköping U.
  • Markus Wabnegg, Danube-U. Krems

The hundreds of papers accepted need to be grouped into interesting and coherent sessions. As the division grows, we wanted to create a process to group papers and highlight core research themes: for that, we used a combination of an algorithm + human sensibility. Thank you to Eunhee Sohn & Shibo Zhou for designing and implementing an algorithm for grouping papers into tracks. The papers were then grouped into sessions by a track chair with subject-matter expertise.

Many thanks to our inaugural TIM Track Chairs:

  • Shinjinee Chattopadhyay, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Hyo Kang, University of Southern California
  • Aldona Kapacinskaite, Bocconi
  • Arvind Karunakaran, Stanford
  • Min Jung Kim, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Solon Moreira , Temple University
  • Manav Raj, Wharton
  • Joost Rietveld, University College London
We’d also like to acknowledge the work of our program assistant and associate editors who supported the review process and the creation of a high-quality program. Our sincere thanks to:

  • Julie Ao, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Hyeonsuh Lee, University of West Virginia
  • Daniella Pedraza Novak, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Jingya You, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Shibo Zhou, Georgia Tech
After two years of virtual meetings, this year’s Business Meeting of the TIM Division at the Academy of Management could be held in person again. A large group of attendants was present in the conference hall of the Seattle Convention Center when Division Chair Maryann Feldman sent her words of welcome to the audience.

Maryann started by giving thanks to our outgoing Past-Chair, Rahul Kapoor, for five years of excellent service and leadership. She then moved on to thank our outgoing Representatives-at-Large: Tiona Zuzul, Henning Piezunka, Anna Maria Conti, Thomas Klueter, and Rory McDonald. Maryann stressed that the activities of the division depend crucially on the work and enthusiasm of the Reps., who organize the TIM workshops and consortia, administer awards and websites, and help with the development of the program for the annual conference (for more information see here) with some interesting panelists, and she advised all to attend. Thanks was then given our to our wonderful reviewers; of particular note was our awards to the best reviewers of 2020. Janet also thanked all the people who helped her over the year.

Maryann Feldman then provided an overview of the TIM development programs, and the various TIM reps provided detail of their responsibilities including the PDWs, the Doctoral Consortium, the Junior Faculty Consortium. Of note was the success of the Tuesdays (or Thursday!) with TIM online sessions that took place outside of the main AOM virtual conference program. She then welcomed our new incoming Program Chair-Elect, Susan K. Cohen (University of Pittsburgh), who joins the TIM five-year leadership track, including: Elena Novelli (Program Chair), Sonali Shah (Chair-Elect), Maryann Feldman (New Chair), and Janet Bercovitz (Past Division Chair). Susan is being joined by the newly elected Representatives-at-Large: Denisa Mindruta (HEC Paris), Markus Perkmann (Imperial College London), Maria Roche (Harvard Business School), Raffaele Conti (ESSEC Business School) and Nilanjana Dutt (Bocconi). Furthermore, Maryann Feldmann thanked Llewellyn Thomas (Webmaster & Treasurer, IESE Business School), Paul Hünermund (Secretary & Social Media, Copenhagen Business School), Sonali Sharp (TIM Newsletter Editor, SUNY Albany), Karen Nicholas (Conect@AOM Coordinator, Boise State University), and Gresa Latifi (Social Media Coordinator, TU Munich) for their contribution to the division.

In the following, Sonali Shah, Thomas Klueter, and Eunhee Sohn delivered the Program Report. In 2022, there were 620 submissions, which is a substantial increase compared to the previous year that reflects the return to an in-person annual meeting. The acceptance rate was comparable to the previous year, with 65% for papers and 76% for symposia. In total, 48% of submissions were coming from Europe, followed by North America with 24% and Asia with 20%. This year’s program featured 108 paper and symposia sessions and 11 division events. Of those, 79 sessions were held in person, 9 were hybrid, 25 sessions were organized as online-synchronous, and 6 as online-asynchronous. Thanks was then given to our fantastic reviewers, including 41% of first time reviewers and the 22 recipients of the TIM Division Best Reviewer Award. This year the program committee used for the first time a tailor-made algorithm to automatically group paper submissions into interesting and coherent sessions. Subsequently, a track chair with expertise in each domain grouped papers within their track into sessions of four papers.

Thanks to Eunhee Sohn and Shibo Zhou for designing and implementing this algorithm. Finally, the program committee invited everyone to attend the TIM Plenary and Social Virtual Cocktail Hour, which followed immediately after the Business Meeting.

Elena Novelli then provided an overview of the TIM development activities, and the various reps provided detail of their responsibilities, including the PDWs, the Doctoral Consortium, the Junior Faculty Consortium, and research development workshops outside of the annual meeting. We thank our TIM Research Committee members who give feedback to other scholars during virtual and in-person research workshops and provide ideas for creating new events or formats for mentoring doctoral students and junior faculty: Raffaele Conti, Emily Cox Pahnke, Douglas Hannah, Matt Marx, Pinar Ozcan, Carlos Serrano, Anu Wadhwa, Lauren, Lanahan, Tim Ott, Michael Roach, Henry Sauermann, and Valentina Tartari. In the upcoming term, the division will undergo a strategic planning process to determine new strategic priorities for 2023–2026. Members are encouraged to share their ideas with the executive team and Reps-at-Large.